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Here's an Edwards Essences comparison for popular brands of spirits and liqueurs
Edwards Essences Vodka
Premium Vodka characterised by fresh, clean, smooth tasting flavor. Produces a spirit that mixes well with most fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

Edwards Essences White Rum
A rich and strong Caribbean experience, ideal when mixed with cola.

Edwards Essences Irish Cream
A sensual blend of Irish Whisky, chocolate and vanilla that will marry seductively with your cream base. This deluxe essence will leave your taste buds tingling.
Edwards Essences Hayley's Irish Cream Premix
When it comes to Irish Cream nothing else is needed! Pour it over ice and savour the wonderful comforting flavours of Irish whisky, chocolate and vanilla. If you love Irish Cream you are going to love Edwards Essences Haley’s Irish Cream.

Bombay Sapphire
Edwards Essences Sapphire Blue Gin
This rich and highly aromatic Gin flavour is typical of a premium quality Gin with international recognition. The subtle Juniper berry notes are enhanced by a variety of other botanical and herb extracts.

Bundaberg Red Label Rum
Edwards Essences Iceberg Rum
A classic Australian Rum character with the distinctive burnt molasses taste. Especially good with cola.

Bundaberg Rum Royal Liqueur
Edwards Essences Rum Royale Liqueur
A barrel aged rum liqueur with rich, smooth chocolate and vanilla notes. Enjoy straight, on the rocks or with milk.

Edwards Essences Shamrock Malt Whiskey
A dark velvety Whiskey with fruity notes that glide over your tongue leaving a sweet trail to savour. Sip or mix, the choice is yours.

Canadian Club
Edwards Essences Colonial Club
The taste of rye, rye malt, barley malt and corn blend to give Colonial Club Whisky its unique, smooth taste. Ideal for any occasion and goes perfectly with your favourite mixer or straight over ice.

Captain Morgan Spicy Rum
Edwards Essences Captain Jack Spicy Rum
Rich spices expertly blended with Caribbean Rum promises to deliver a swashbuckling adventure that’ll sail across your tongue leaving your tastebuds tingling in paradise.

Edwards Essences Orange Liqueur
A subtle, delicate, refreshing blend of the finest citrus to produce a smooth pure orange experience.

de Kuyper
Edwards Essences Butterscotch Schnapps
Luxuriously indulgent, rich butterscotch with a hint of roasted toffee. Works exceptionally well in both schnapps or cream liqueur, “Toffee Cream”.

Edwards Essences Wee Dram
Whisky blended with a tantalising array of traditional herbs gives this ancient Scottish liqueur a unique warm flavour.

Edwards Essences Angelica
Warm, smooth hazelnut and chocolate, like drinking your favourite box of chocolates! Works exceptionally well in a cream base or just add ice.

Galliano Black Sambuca
Edwards Essences Black Sambuca
Strong black aniseed with dark overtones of a liquorice character.
Edwards Essences Black Sambuca Premix
This classic is made showcasing the flavours of strong sweet anise and intense liquorice. Perfect as an after dinner drink or cocktail mixer. Try the wickedly wonderful Black Widow.

Galliano Sambuca
Edwards Essences White Sambuca
A strong and rich aniseed based liqueur that is clear.

Edwards Essences Galileo
A sweet smooth classical Italian liqueur which forms the heart of the world’s most renowned cocktails.

Edwards Essences Single Malt Whisky
A soothingly warm, smooth Scottish Malt flavour, excellent on the rocks.

Edwards Essences GB Gin
A classic dry Gin with a fresh clean taste of Juniper and citrus neatly rounded with angelica and coriander spices. Mix with tonic water and a slice of lemon and sink into bliss.

Hennessy / Remy Martin
Edwards Essences Brandy
A traditional rich Brandy with a smooth mature style to excite the palate.

Jack Daniels
Edwards Essences Tennessee Style Bourbon
A smooth, sweet Bourbon with that Tennessee style.

Johnnie Walker
Edwards Essences Johnnie Jogger
This premium Scottish Whisky blends with any mixer and is excellent with soda water.

Jose Cuervo
Edwards Essences Tequila
Mexican Tequila with a raw sting of cactus juice, a winner at any party.

Edwards Essences Meister J
The popular classic herb liqueur. Save directly from the freezer as a shooter, on the rocks or mix with an energy drink to create a tantalising flavour sensation.

Edwards Essences Khaloola
Extracts of the finest roasted South American Coffee beans provide a rich and warm experience. Try it with cream!
Edwards Essences Khaloola Premix
This very popular premix liqueur essence brings you the finest of roasted coffee flavours and is a must for the cocktail bar. Enjoy on its own or add to your favourite coffee to produce a barista style liqueur coffee.

Lamb’s Navy Rum
Edwards Essences Rum
A golden Rum with a typical Queensland character and an undertone of slightly burnt molasses.

Edwards Essences Coconut Rum
Fresh tropical coconut laced with the finest Jamaican Rum flavour, will give you a taste of paradise. Also works exceptionally well in a cream base.
Edwards Essences Coconut Rum Premix
Pina colada has never been easier with this fresh and fragrant Coconut Rum Liqueur Essence. Combine with coconut cream, ice, pineapple juice and enjoy!

Edwards Essences Melon Liqueur
This distinctive Melon Liqueur essence creates a refreshing synergy of the rock, honeydew and watermelon.
Edwards Essences Melon Premix
The fresh bright aroma and fantastic authentic flavour of this melon liqueur suggest spring is just around the corner. Try mixing with champagne or lemon and soda, garnish with a wedge of lime and indulge all your senses.

Edwards Essences Lucky Lychee
A smooth rich fruity liqueur typical of the Asian region. Great on its own over ice, or mixes very well with other tropical or citrus juices.

Sailor Jerry / Appletons
Edwards Essences Jamaican Rum
A rich, full flavoured Jamaican Rum with a slight hint of natural spices with a very smooth finish. Created to mirror a traditional Caribbean Rum.

Southern Comfort
Edwards Essences Southern Indulgence
Based on Bourbon, a smooth whisky liqueur with a hint of apricot. Works well on the rocks and with mixers.

Stones Ginger Wine
Edwards Essences Rocks Ginger Wine
A classic Ginger Wine full of warm spices and zest, create an ideal mixer for Whisky or Brandy and is equally delicious straight up on the rocks.

Tia Maria
Edwards Essences Mia Taria
A unique blend of coffee and chocolate with Jamaican Rum. Works with spirit to produce that well known Jamaican Liqueur favour.

Wild Turkey American Honey
Edwards Essences Honey Bourbon
A wonderful smooth flavoured bourbon with the rich character of a single strain honey. Perfect on the rocks, and a great addition to many premium cocktails. If required a little sugar can be added to enhance the richness of the honey character.

Wild Turkey
Edwards Essences Scrub Turkey
Strong, dry American Bourbon with Oakwood undertones.

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