Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Edwards Essences

Are Edwards Essences products gluten free ?
Yes - All of Edwards Essences Spirits, Liqueurs and Premixes are gluten free.
Can I buy directly from Edwards Essences?
We do not sell directly to the public, however our store finder can help you find a shop close to you, or use one of the shop on-line facilities
Why make liqueurs and spirits using Edwards Essences plus vodka? Why not just buy the real product?
By buying economy vodka and flavouring it with Edwards Essences, you can produce delicious liqueurs and spirits for a fraction of the price of regular commercial alcoholic beverages.
Is it complicated to make your own liqueurs and spirits using Edwards Essences?
No, most recipes (which appear on the back of the bottle), only require Edwards Essences, vodka and, in the case of the liqueurs, some white sugar. They can be produced in under 15 minutes.
Do I need special equipment?
No, you will however require bottles to store your creations.
Where are Edwards Essences made?
All our products are produced and bottled in Queensland Australia under the strictest of hygiene conditions.

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