Edwards Home Brew Essences are expertly created from ingredients of the highest quality providing you with an authentic taste profile of premium quality, the ultimate in performance and great value for money.

Whether you're a novice or a home brew expert you will find Edwards Essences easy to use with excellent results.

Edwards Spirit Essences flavour 3.5 litres and Edwards Liqueur Essences flavour 1.4 litres.

All Edwards Essences are wheat and gluten free and proudly carry the Australian Made logo.

         About Us         

Edwards Essences was launched on 14th February 2003 as the Home Brew brand of Paradigm Ingredients and is a family owned business belonging to Arthur Smith and Nicky Edwards. Paradigm Ingredients historically is a supplier of commercial flavours used in the food and drink manufacturing industries. Arthur has worked in the flavour industry since 1971 starting his career as a Flavour Chemist. From there he moved into the sales area of the Flavour Industry and has worked for the top Flavour Companies in Europe and the USA. Arthur spent the last 10 years of his career as an Alcoholic Beverage Manager creating flavours for the most well known International Brands that we all know and love – but can't afford! And so it is with his knowledge of flavour chemistry, and ability to source the highest quality ingredients that we are able to offer you our quality range of Edwards Essences that we are very proud of. It should be noted that the ingredients we use in our essences are specifically created and designed for use in alcoholic drinks, both Spirits and Liqueurs. Nicky has worked in a number of different industries but spent 4 years working in the food and flavour industry in the UK. Although Nicky doesn't have the technical flavour background that Arthur does, she brings knowledge of the administrative side of business from Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Packaging, Advertising, Accounting, Purchasing and much much more. But it is always Customer Service that is the number one priority on her list. Although Edwards Essences has grown significantly over the last 12 years, Arthur and Nicky have managed to streamline the business so that they are able to provide the same fast, efficient and friendly service not only to their direct wholesale customers, but to all who contact them for advice and information regarding Edwards Essences and Home Brewing. Arthur and Nicky would like to take this opportunity to thank all their customers for their continued loyalty, support and custom. MISSION STATEMENT "Our mission is to be the natural first choice of our customers by providing consistent top quality and cost effective Home Brew products that deliver results first time, every time."

"Our mission is to be the natural first choice of our customers by
providing consistent top quality and cost effective home brew products that
deliver results first time, every time."


If you require any further information, or have any comments please contact us at:

Edwards Essences Pty Ltd
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Email: admin@edwardsessences.com.au