Edwards Essences Premix Liqueurs are the answer to having a well stocked cocktail bar for a fraction of the cost of stocking big brand liqueurs. If you don't have the time to mix Edwards Essences 50 ml liqueur range, then these are for you!

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Liqueur Base
Liqueur Base
Edwards Essences Liqueur Base is the perfect companion to Edwards Essences 50 ml liqueur range. Simply follow the easy directions on the bottle. The Liqueur Base together with 50 ml of liqueur essences makes 1.4 litres of delicious liqueur. It is also vegan-friendly!
Mixing Instructions:
Add 300ml to 700ml of 38% alcohol.
Add 50ml of Edwards Essences liqueur essences.
Add 350ml of water.
Makes 1.4 litres of the finished product.
Product should only be used in accordance with instructions

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